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why you need a lice comb


When it comes to tackling head lice, one of the best pieces of advice we can give is this: buy a lice comb! With a lice comb, you can safely and effectively comb through your child’s hair to identify and remove lice and nits. In fact, this technique (wet combing) is the gold standard when it comes to preventive care. 

At My Hair Helpers, we say: Once a week, take a peek! You don’t have to wait until your child is scratching their head to catch a lice infestation. By combing your child’s hair with a lice comb each week, you can find and remove lice and nits before they create a serious infestation.

Here are three great reasons why your head lice prevention tool kit should include a lice comb

Lice combs are different from regular combs

    Typically, an adult louse grows to the size of a sesame seed. The eggs are even smaller. Therefore, the gaps between an average hair comb’s teeth are too big to catch them. Plus, since most combs are made from plastic, the teeth are too smooth and slippery to grip any bugs from the hair.

    Lice combs, on the other hand, are specifically made to remove lice. They have teeth that are properly spaced so that lice and their eggs cannot pass through. And unlike plastic teeth, lice combs have metal teeth that are designed to grip the lice. 

    Bottom line: In order to wet comb effectively, you need the proper lice comb.

    They’re easy to clean and sterilize

      Another great thing about lice combs is that they are easy to clean and sanitize. Good quality lice combs feature metal teeth that can be cleaned with soap and water and sanitized in hot, boiling water. 

      When using the lice comb during a lice infestation, you’ll need to wipe eggs and nits from the teeth of the comb and then wash it in warm, soapy water before moving to the next section. If you plan on using the comb on someone else in the family, you’ll need to sterilize it first.

      To sterilize your lice comb, you can soak the comb in a lice shampoo solution or boil it in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes. As long as you keep the lice comb clean, you can use it indefinitely, and even use it on other members of the family!

      They have thoughtful features for eliminating lice

        Lice combs also have a number of other features that make them effective at identifying lice. For example, the lice comb from My Hair Helpers has an anti-slip grip for easy control - even on thick hair! And, our convenient 2-pack has one comb with red grips and another with blue grips so that you can have one for each child. 

        Other neat features you’ll find with our combs are:

        • Long, micro-grooved teeth
        • Professional-grade stainless steel
        • Corrosion resistant for easy cleaning
        • Works on all types of hair - curly, straight, thin, thick
        • Won’t pull, tug or damage hair
        • Available in 1-pack and 2-pack 

          Shop for a High Quality Lice Comb

          Head lice are no match for My Hair Helpers! We recommend using our lice comb to check for lice and to remove lingering lice after an infestation. If your child has a serious infestation, our natural lice treatment will do the trick by suffocating the lice. All of our products are safe, effective and made from natural ingredients like peppermint and spearmint. You’ll love how they feel - and smell!