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do you need to shave your head if you have lice?


Dealing with head lice can be an itchy and frustrating experience, especially for parents with school-aged children. When lice infestations occur, many people wonder if they should resort to shaving their heads as a solution.

You’ll be happy to know that shaving your child’s head is not something you need to do. They can keep their beautiful hair and return to school right away with the right lice treatment for kids.

Let’s explore the truth about head lice, the reasons behind the "shaving" myth and what you should actually do if you or your child has lice.

Understanding Head Lice

Head lice are tiny insects that infest the hair and scalp, feeding on small amounts of blood. They are common among children but can affect people of all ages. Lice are highly contagious and can spread through direct head-to-head contact or by sharing personal items like combs, hats or pillows.

However, getting lice through personal items is extremely rare since lice can only live for about a day or two without a host. Most cases of head lice come from direct contact.

The Myth of Shaving Your Head

The idea of shaving one's head as a solution to a lice infestation is misguided. This myth likely persists due to several misconceptions about lice. For example, many people assume that lice only live on the scalp. However, lice can live behind the ears and on the nape of the neck as well. Therefore, shaving won’t necessarily solve the problem.

Second, nits are hard to get rid of because they attach securely to the hair strands. But shaving is not the solution. There are a number of treatments that safely remove nits, such as My Mousse from My Hair Helpers. This natural product dissolves nit glue, and you can then use our Lice Eliminator Comb to drag out the nits.

What to Do If You Have Lice

If you or your child has lice, there are several steps you should take to effectively treat the infestation:

  • Use an Effective Lice Treatment: Start by using a lice treatment without harsh chemicals and follow the instructions carefully. My Hair Helpers has a full line of head lice treatment and prevention products that use kid-safe ingredients.
  • Comb and Remove Nits: After the treatment, use a stainless steel lice comb to remove dead lice and nits from the hair. This step is crucial for preventing a reinfestation.
  • Avoid Close Contact: Encourage your child to avoid head-to-head contact with others until the infestation is fully resolved.
  • Repeat Treatment if Necessary: Some treatments may require a second application, so be sure to follow the recommended schedule. This second treatment gets rid of any remaining lice that survived the first treatment. 
  • Notify Close Contacts: Inform close contacts, such as school or daycare, so they can take appropriate precautions. It takes a village to keep head lice away! 
  • Prevent Reinfestation: Regularly check for lice to catch and treat any new infestations early. My Hair Helpers has a mint lice prevention spray that deters lice with its peppermint scent! You can also use our lice shampoo and conditioner as part of the lice treatment and prevention process to help keep your child lice free.

Keep Your Locks - Treat Head Lice the Right Way 

The myth that shaving your head is necessary to get rid of lice is not only unnecessary but also inaccurate. Effective treatments are available that can eliminate lice and nits without resorting to such extreme measures. By following the proper steps, you can successfully address a lice infestation and restore a lice-free environment. 

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