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lice shampoo and conditioner


At My Hair Helpers, we have a great selection of kid-safe lice treatments for the whole family! Unlike other products on the shelves that contain harsh chemicals, our products are safe for everyone.

They are made from natural ingredients like peppermint and spearmint and have a light, pleasant scent. The two products we recommend having in your home at all times are our shampoo and conditioner!

My Mint Shampoo and My Mint Conditioner 

My Hair Helpers My Mint Shampoo and My Mint Conditioner are two of our best selling products - and for good reason! Both are made with essential oils and contain no sulfates or pesticides. They are safe for daily use! 

We recommend our shampoo and conditioner for lice prevention. You will want to use our My Mousse Enzyme Treatment to kill off the lice and nits. This product is made from strained yeast enzymes and is clinically proven to dissolve the stubborn glue that nits use to stay close to the scalp. Don't forget to use our stainless steel Lice Eliminator Comb to remove lice and their eggs from your child's hair without tugging or pulling.

Once you use our Foam Mousse, you can then wash your child’s hair with our shampoo and conditioner. You and your child will love the light, pleasant scent, and lice will stay away because they don’t like the smell of mint! You can also use our shampoo and conditioner with our other prevention products, including our Mint Detangler Lice Preventative Spray and Mint Preventative Repellent Spray. 

FAQs About My Mint Shampoo and Conditioner 

Here are some common questions we hear from customers. Hopefully, we will answer your questions, too!

Why should I use your shampoo and conditioner? 

Our shampoo and conditioner are part of our prevention line. Apply our Foam Mousse first to kill the infestation, comb out with our Lice Eliminator Comb, then use our shampoo and conditioner to eliminate lice and prevent them from coming back!

Do the products contain any harsh chemicals? 

No, all of our products are made from safe, natural ingredients like peppermint oil and spearmint oil. Our shampoo and conditioner are safe to use on all ages - babies included. And, your child’s head will not tingle or burn! 

Can I use the shampoo and conditioner every day? 

Yes! Our shampoo and conditioner are safe to use on a daily basis. We especially recommend using them during the school year or when there’s an outbreak in the school or community. 

Where can I purchase your products? 

You can purchase any of our products on My Hair Helpers website or from My Hair Helpers Amazon store. Expect family-friendly pricing and fast shipping. Our products also include our money-back guarantee. 

Whether you’re trying to treat head lice or stop it from coming back, My Hair Helpers has you covered!