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How to Keep Lice out of the Classroom


Aside from parents and guardians, the second group of people we hear from most are teachers! With kids in close contact for the majority of the day, we see head lice spread easily in schools and daycare centers. 

If you are a classroom teacher and looking to keep head lice out of your space this year, here are some of our best tips to follow. It takes a village, so be sure that your students and parents are part of the solution, too!

Find Out What Your School Lice Policy Is 

While this might sound like a no-brainer, many teachers have no clue as to what the school’s policies are on head lice. Some policies allow students to stay at school, while others request to have the student picked up. 

However, it’s important to know that the traditional “no-nit policies” are being discontinued from schools. These policies require kids to be free of nits before they return to school, but they don’t work for a number of reasons, which you can read here.

Discourage Sharing, For the Time Being 

If you know that lice is in your classroom, it’s best to discourage sharing, at least for the time being. Things to avoid sharing are hats, hair accessories, combs and brushes, headphones and dress-up clothes. 

But it’s not just material things to avoid sharing but personal space as well. Kids like to hug, so make up a cool handshake that they can use instead. When working in groups or sitting around for story time, encourage kids to leave space between them and the next child.

Keep Your Hair Up and Tucked Away 

Don’t forget to keep yourself lice free! Head lice happens to adults, too! Pull back your hair into a ponytail, braid or bun. Add a few spritzes of lice repellent spray to deter lice from crawling onto your head. My Hair Helpers makes a great lice spray that smells like fresh mint! 

Use Plastic Bag to Store Coats and Backpacks 

Lice cannot live off a host for much more than a day. Therefore, it’s helpful to have all students place their coats and belongings in a large plastic bag at the start of the day. If any lice do happen to crawl off, they will end up in the bag where they will die in a day or two. Plus, having each child’s belongings in a separate bag prevents items from touching. 

Avoid Soft Items and Plushies 

Again, head lice don’t live long without a host. So, you don’t have to worry too much about kids catching lice from surfaces or objects. Ninety percent of head lice cases come from direct contact. But, if you are experiencing an outbreak in your school or classroom, you’ll want to be more alert.

For the time being, we also recommend ditching soft seating, pillows, blankets, etc. Kids like to snuggle up in these areas, and if there’s an infestation in your classroom, lice can be spread through these soft surfaces.

Eliminate Lice in Just One Treatment!

Communicating with parents is important during a lice outbreak. Parents and guardians can do their part to stop the spread by encouraging their children not to share certain items, using a lice spray and checking for lice once a week. 

If any student does end up with head lice, they can treat the problem right away with a kid-safe lice treatment from My Hair Helpers. Our products are affordable, safe and effective!