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how to stop repeat lice infestations


When lice hits your household, the important thing to know is not how you got lice, but rather how to deal with them. The reality is that lice are very common, and they can happen to anyone. They have nothing to do with being clean or dirty, so there’s nothing you’ve done ‘wrong’ to get head lice. 

Acting quickly is the best way to get the infestation under control and prevent it from spreading to others. That’s why we recommend doing a head lice check to verify the lice, and starting a kid-safe lice treatment right away. 

My Hair Helpers offers a full line of head lice prevention and removal products. They are made with all-natural ingredients, making them completely safe for children of all ages. And they are guaranteed to work! 

But what happens when your child gets lice shortly after again? Does this mean that the treatment didn’t work? Not necessarily. Maybe you missed the second application, or maybe your child was re-infected. Either way, the important thing is to take action. 

Below is more information on why head lice recurs in some children, and how to deal with stubborn infections. 

Why are Head Lice Hard to Treat? 

In a perfect world, you’d apply a lice treatment and never see another louse again! But lice can be tricky to get rid of. Many over-the-counter lice treatments are no longer effective, as lice have grown immune to them. Or, they may work on mature lice but not nits (lice eggs). Therefore, the eggs hatch, mature and reproduce. 

Also, lice leave behind a scent as part of their evolutionary process. This scent attracts lice, which could put a person at risk for recurrent infections. If your child goes to school or daycare, they're coming into contact with many children, which can also cause them to be re-infected. 

How to Address Recurring Head Lice

To get rid of head lice (for good this time!), here are some tips to follow. 

  • Use the correct product. My Hair Helpers offers a full selection of products that help fight and prevent lice. Our dimethicone lice oil kills lice and their eggs - and it works on all hair types!
  • Apply prevention products. Once you’ve treated your child, take advantage of the lice prevention products available. We recommend using a lice spray made from essential oils like peppermint and spearmint. Lice don’t like the smells of these scents.
  • Keep the hair tied back. If your child has long hair, keep it tied back into a ponytail or braid. This also lowers the chance for bringing home head lice again.
  • Practice wet combing. Use a stainless steel lice comb to check for lice. If you find them, you can drag them out and destroy them with your comb. Check your child once a week!
  • Talk to your community. Perhaps you can reach out to the school nurse or teacher. Lice should not be kept a secret! When parents know there’s an outbreak, they can work together to stop lice from spreading.

Lice can be stubborn, there’s no question, but there are plenty of ways to win the battle! Shop for head lice prevention and treatment products on our website or My Hair Helpers Amazon store. We have everything you need to solve recurring cases of head lice.