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mint lice repellent


My Hair Helpers carries a full line of head lice removal and prevention products, including shampoos, conditioners and mint lice sprays. We love that our products are made from natural ingredients like peppermint and spearmint. This gives us the peace of mind that our customers won’t be exposed to harsh chemicals or pesticides. 

We also price our products competitively, as we know that head lice can come on suddenly and without warning. We want families to be able to treat their children in an affordable manner without delaying treatment. Prompt treatment also gets kids back in school! One of the products we want to highlight today is My Mint Spray. 

What is My Mint Spray? 

My Mint Spray naturally repels lice because it contains mint. Lice do not like certain scents such as rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, coconut, lemongrass and peppermint. These ingredients will not kill lice once you have them, but they will help keep them away. 

Fortunately, our mint spray smells pleasant to humans, so you’ll never mind using it on your child’s hair. A couple of spritzes does the job! My Mint Spray is safe to use daily, but we especially recommend it if there’s a head lice outbreak in your child’s classroom or they are going somewhere with a lot of kids, such as a birthday party or sleepover.

Watch this video to learn more
about our mint lice spray!

Benefits of Using My Mint Spray 

My Mint Spray is made from safe, all-natural ingredients like peppermint and spearmint. It has a pleasant scent, and it’s extremely light - NOT greasy or oily. Like our other products, our mint spray is made in the USA and includes our 100% Happiness Money Back Guarantee. You can purchase this spray on our My Hair Helpers website or on Amazon

The benefits of using our lice spray to repel head lice are: 
  • Light and refreshing. Our product will not leave any residue in your child’s hair. It goes on light, and the scent is not overpowering. Teachers and parents alike love this product!
  • Safe and effective. Because our product is made from natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about putting chemicals on your child’s head. My Mint Spray is also very effective and includes a guarantee.
  • Enhanced effectiveness when tying up hair. For even better protection from head lice, we recommend tying up your child's hair in a ponytail, bun or braid and then spraying them with the lice spray.
  • Reduces recurrent infestations. Lice leave behind a scent so that other lice follow. This is why some people get recurrent lice infestations. Using our product helps to keep lice away for a second or third time. 
My Mint Spray is one of many products offered by My Hair Helpers. It is unique in that it is part of our prevention line of products, helping families stay lice free even through school, summer camp and sleepovers. Order My Mint Spray and help your child remain lice free!