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head lice too long


It’s important to treat head lice right away, otherwise it can lead to a number of secondary problems like rashes and infections. The good news is that most people catch head lice before it causes serious problems. Usually, the first sign of a head lice infestation is itching, and once parents take a closer look, they often find the source of the problem: head lice. 

But what happens if your child does end up going without treatment for a period of time? Some people think that lice will just go away on their own, but this isn’t the case. The correct treatment is needed to kill active lice and their eggs. 

Let’s look closer at the things that can happen if you leave lice for too long. 

Chronic Itchiness and Rashes 

Lice survive by feeding on blood from the scalp, so when they bite the skin on the head, it causes a histamine-like reaction. If a child gets bit over and over, they can develop extreme itchiness that makes it difficult to sleep or focus in school. And if they continue to scratch, these bites can turn into rashes. 

Bacterial Infections 

As you can imagine, extreme itching can break the skin, letting in bacteria. This is even more common among young children because they don’t wash their hands as often as adults. When bacteria gets under the skin,
it can lead to secondary infections like impetigo or cellulitis. Both can get red and painful, and both require a course of antibiotics. 

Spreading Head Lice 

Another complication of keeping head lice too long is that it will continue to spread to other people. Your child will be spreading lice wherever they go - school, daycare, extracurricular activities, etc. They will also be spreading head lice around your home, which means everyone in the family could end up with it! The only way to stop the infestation from spreading is with a
lice treatment for kids

Trouble in School

If your child is up all night scratching their head, they probably won’t be able to focus as well in school. Not to mention, they can become a super spreader, spreading head lice to others in the classroom. This can lead to unnecessary bullying. And, if your child’s school still follows a no-nit policy, your child could end up missing excess school days.

End the Cycle and Get Rid of Head Lice in One Day! 

There are a number of reasons why some parents wait it out when it comes to head lice, but this is not a solution. Head lice must be treated, otherwise they will continue to grow the infestation and spread to others. 

Fortunately, you can count on My Hair Helpers to provide you with safe, effective solutions. Our products are made from all-natural ingredients and can be used on anyone of any age, unlike over-the-counter products that often contain pesticides.

We also offer a number of resources to  make applying the treatment easy and mess free! 

Don’t let head lice linger - this will only cause more problems. Take advantage of the safe and affordable kid-safe lice treatments from My Hair Helpers.