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When checking your child for head lice, you’ll need to choose a high quality lice comb that can pull out lice and nits. Not all lice combs are created equal, so it’s important to read the reviews and watch how-to lice removal videos to see the comb in action. 

Electric, plastic and metal head lice combs are available, though experts don’t recommend using the electric ones. At this time, there is no research that shows that electric lice combs are any better than fine-toothed metal combs. You’ll end up spending way more money than you need to! 

If you’re looking for a recommendation, let us make one for you! My Lice Eliminator Comb is the most effective lice comb on the market. It removes head lice and their eggs by dragging them out and destroying them! Let’s learn more about what makes our lice comb different from the rest.

Long, Micro-Grooved Teeth 

The long, micro-grooved teeth on our lice comb are like no other! They drag out lice and nits and destroy them! We recommend going section by section so that you can eliminate any lice that are in your child’s hair. Even though the teeth are long and made from steel, they are still comfortable on a delicate head. 

Easy to Clean and Disinfect 

Unlike plastic or electric combs, the My Lice Eliminator Comb can be cleaned and disinfected. This means that you can use the comb an infinite number of times, and even share it between family members. There’s no need to buy lice combs for every member in the family, every time there’s an outbreak. Simply disinfect in between! 

Durable and Long Lasting 

Our metal lice comb is virtually indestructible! It features professional stainless steel teeth and an anti-slip grip for easy control. It even works on thick hair! You can clean it with soap and water, or disinfect it in hot, boiling water. Our comb is also made in the USA and comes with our 100% Happiness Money Back Guarantee. No wasted money here! 


You can purchase the My Hair Helpers lice comb on Amazon or our website. They are sold in one-packs and two-packs. If you have multiple people in the home with head lice at one time, you’ll want to use separate lice combs. Otherwise, you can sanitize the comb in between family members. One comb from us treats the entire family! 

My Hair Helpers is committed to delivering high quality, effective lice prevention and removal products to our customers. Our lice comb happens to be one of our top-selling products - and for good reason! Place your order today and see how our lice comb makes run-ins with lice stress free!