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why are head lice so hard to remove


Most people don’t think about head lice - until their child comes home with them! Until then, they view lice as being embarrassing and stressful. But we’re here to tell you that lice are nothing to get upset over! While they are inconvenient, there are safe, effective ways to treat lice and remove them from your home. 

However, lice can be stubborn. Store-bought products often don’t work, and at-home remedies are messy and ineffective. Let’s learn more about why getting rid of head lice can be difficult, and your options for a natural natural lice treatment

Why are Lice So Hard to Treat? 

Lice are evolutionary survivors, meaning that they are made to survive in our world. Not only are they hardy, but also they are very good at reproducing. A female louse only has to mate once during her lifetime to continue laying eggs. This is why just one single louse can create a fresh infestation in a matter of weeks. 

A mature female louse will lay five to ten eggs every day. These oval eggs, also known as nits, stick to a single head. They stay close to the scalp so that they receive warmth and cover. Nits can be especially difficult to remove because they use a glue to stick themselves to the scalp, much like super glue. 

The glue cannot be removed easily because it has a similar composition to human hair. Most products are unable to dissolve the glue without hurting the hair - until now. My Mousse Enzyme Head Lice Treatment dissolves nit glue without harming the hair. The product contains natural ingredients and is safe for all ages. 

The Importance of Repeat Applications 

Knowing how quickly a female louse can reproduce, and how well nits stick to the scalp, it’s important to use the right lice shampoo. The problem with most over-the-counter products is that they are made with harsh ingredients like pesticides that can burn the skin, cause rashes and expose your child to chemicals. 

Not to mention, these treatments often have to be applied multiple times in order for them to work. You’ll be exposing your child to harmful chemicals not just once, but twice. And many of these products can only be used on children 2 and up, whereas a more natural lice treatment from My Hair Helpers is safe for newborns, infants and pregnant mothers. 

While our products work immediately the first time around, we also recommend a second application. This is added protection in case any of the nits hatch and try to start a new infestation. A second treatment prevents this from happening, along with wet combing. But, both applications will pose no threat to your child, no matter how young they are. 

To shop for products that actually remove head lice, visit our Lice Treatment Shop Page or My Hair Helpers on Amazon. Our lice treatments are affordably priced, effective and include a 100% happiness, money-back guarantee. Try us today!