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Why does my child keep getting head lice?


Has your child gotten head lice more than once? This is frustrating to say the least, but it’s not necessarily a cause for concern. While there is no research that confirms that some people are more prone to head lice than others, there are certain behaviors and lifestyles that can increase the chances for repeated cases of head lice. 

For example, a child who is in daycare is more susceptible to getting head lice than a child who stays home with their parents. Kids who play sports are also more at risk. Some research has even suggested that lice prefer certain blood types over others! 

If your child has had recurring head lice infections, a couple things could be going on. Let’s explore some of the possibilities, along with our tips for eliminating head lice. 

Why Do Some Kids Get Head Lice More Than Others? 

There are a few reasons why some kids appear to be more vulnerable to head lice than others.

  • Eggs were never removed. Many head lice removal products require multiple treatments in order to get rid of the eggs. If you don’t reapply the product, the eggs can hatch and start a new infestation.
  • Wrong products are being used. While many of the lice removal products on the shelves contain harsh ingredients, lice have grown immune to many of them. Therefore, it’s possible that the products you’re using simply aren’t working

  • Lice leave behind a scent. They do this to tell other lice where they’ve been. This scent embeds into the hair shaft and lasts up to 30 days. While humans wouldn't appreciate the smell of urine and saliva, lice surely do! 
  • Lice infestation in your community. If there’s a lice infestation in your community, kids could be passing it back and forth to each other. This is why we highly recommend using lice prevention products as well, such as lice repellent spray.

How to Treat Recurrent Lice Infestations

If your child has had recurrent lice infestations, help is on the way! My Hair Helpers offers a full line of head lice removal and prevention products that will nip head lice in the bud. We recommend two applications to kill all lice and nits. Once the lice are removed, we recommend wet combing with a lice comb and using a lice spray to deter lice.

Make sure to always follow the directions on the product so that you know you’re using it safely and effectively. All products from My Hair Helpers come with a guarantee. We also recommend tying up your child’s hair into a braid or ponytail and then checking them each week for signs of lice.

You can shop for all of our affordable head lice removal and prevention products on our website or My Hair Helpers on Amazon.