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My Hair Helpers was established in 2008,

by Amy Chinian, mother of five.

Β Amy Chinian, founder of my hair helpers

I had my own head lice nightmare in 1994 when my 4 children all had head lice including my pregnant self! After trying various over the counter treatments and still finding lice and eggs- I found the only Lice Removal service in town to come to my home in Playa Del Rey, Ca. Peace flooded my soul as this young head lice expert took control of my home and children and lice! I will never forget the feeling of having my life back – lice free!

It wasn’t until years later that our private school had a head lice epidemic. Of course I was offering my advice to frantic parents when I realized that I had found my calling – Amy Chinian – Head Lice Expert! I realized that I could be part of the solution to a huge growing problem!

My mission is to empower families with knowledge about head lice as to help Remove lice NATURALLY. No harsh chemicals needed – ever!

I now travel about Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Conejo Valley helping frantic Parents and school administrators. My passion is to help others so they may never need me again – just my products!

Head lice isn’t life threatening but just a real pain!

I have devised a technique to remove lice that I’m happy to share with you. I want it so that you CAN do this yourself if you need to. Once you know the facts it’s not that difficult. If you do need me – No shame. Some people would rather have me do it! We are here to comfort you in this lice crisis – just a phone call away!

We have more 5-star reviews than any company! Even more reviews than the company that serviced me and my family 18 years ago. Our products are safe and all natural but harm lice and eggs. Our prices are affordable and worth every penny. We will come to you in the privacy of your own home. We will make this experience a good one-promise! – Amy Chinian