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Step 1:

cocomint oil for lice

Step 2:

how to remove lice
  • Obtain a spray bottle or use hands to spread conditioner on ends of hair.
  • Put 3 squeezes of “Mint Conditioner” in the spray bottle
  • Add warm water to the spray bottle now & shake the mixture.
  • Spray conditioner mixture on ends of hair to soften.
  • Next use a detangler comb on the hair and comb out tangles.

Step 3:

foam mousse to loosen nit glue
  • The "My Mousse Enzymes” will be put on each section before combing.
  • This will loosen the glue of the eggs to help removal with a comb.

Step 4:

lice comb
  • Section the hair from ear to ear. Clip up the strands in sections.
  • Next use the “Eliminator Comb
  • Comb each section of the hair in all 4 directions; up, down, left and right
  • With each combing movement you will want to wipe the comb on a white paper towel to see the status of the removal.
  • This process will drag out the nits and lice.
  • Remember that the comb must touch the scalp during the combing process
  • Make sure to comb each and every section of the hair.
  • You will comb until the paper towel swipes become completely clear of any nits or lice.
  • Apply more products as hair dries out.
  • Sleep in oil overnight.

Step 5:

  • Check every family member.
  • Use “Mint Shampoo & Conditioner” in the morning
  • Repeat all steps 5 to 6 days later
  • Our products are all effective and used in all “My Hair Helpers” salons.
lice free kids